We live in a world of globalisation and standardisation. All over the globe, products and consumer habits look more and more alike. Mass media and the Internet increasingly dictate our thinking.

At Scabal, we feel that the individual needs to find his own space. Clothing says a lot about its wearer. A suit should never be chosen merely to have an imposing presence, one should choose it to reflect oneself. Choice is the real expression of luxury.

Our magazine, “BESPOKEN”, is dedicated to personalisation. Twice a year, we want to present not only Scabal’s latest contribution to this concept, but also offer an insight into the world of personalised luxury and bespoke tailoring.

We wish you an enjoyable and informative experience with BESPOKEN.

Happy reading.



°°°°°° NEWS °°°°°

°°° JAN 3, 2014 °°°

Scabal wishes you a happy 2014 and is proud to announce that the 14th edition is ready for you !

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